Godsell Relatives Chart
(to second cousin level)
Humphrey Godsawe b1602 Key & Notes
Paternal line of descent - black background
Other known lines - grey background

Given (at birth) or christened names are used, for instance: Auntie (Peggy) Margaret married Anthony Kalepp, Carol married Robert Johnson, and our cousin Christine married Roger Cooke.

Richarde Godsawe b1628 John Godsawe b1633 Marie Godsawe b1636 Edward Godsawe b1639 William Godsawe b1644
Mary Godsell  b1662 Jo
 Godsell b1664
Miss Godsawe b1666 Abigail Godsawe b1668 John Godsell b1676 Susanna Godsell b1678 Sarah Godsell b1682
Ann Godsell b1694 Margaret Godsell b1698 John Godsell b1700 Mary Godsell b1701 Elizabeth Godsell b1702 Edward Godsell b1704
John Godsell b1722 William Godsell b1727
Hester Godsell b1748 Hannah Godsell b1750 John Godsell b1752 Henry Godsell b1755
John Godsell b1774 ----------- William Godsal b1775 Ann Maria Godsell b1777
Thomas Godsell b1796 William Godsall b1794
Henry Godsell b1818 George Godsell b1823
Ellen Godsell b1839 Henry W. Godsell b1843 Frederick  Godsell b1846
Antoinette Elizabeth b1869 Sarah Godsell b1870 James Tom Godsell b1872 Walter H. Godsell b1874 Henry F.S. Godsell b1878 Martha E. Godsell b1880 Gertrude Godsell b1882 Alfred W. Godsell b1885 Florence Godsell b1887 Beatrice M. Godsell b1890 Ellen Godsell b1897 Sidney C.  Godsell b1899
Edward H. Godsell b1913 ----------- ----------- ----------- Francis D. Godsell b1917 Dennis D. Godsell b1919 Margaret D. Godsell b1922
Patricia Godsell b1941   Carol F. Godsell b1944  ----------- Nigel R.D. Godsell b1946 Christine M. Kalepp b1948 ----------- Kay J. Kalepp b1950
Mark R. Johnson b1980 Sarah L. Johnson b1982 Nina J. Godsell b1977 David P. Godsell b1981 Darren  M. Cooke b1969 Justin L. Cooke b1972