Details Notes
Birth 1722 Eldest son of John born 1700 and Elizabeth nee Williams
Christened 11 Nov 1722, Newent, Glos
Death -  
Marriage Hannah Crasswell John married Hannah Crasswell in Jul 1747 in Tewkesbury. Hannah Crasswell was born in Tewkesbury.
Children from this marriage Hester born in 1748 Christened: May 1748, Newent, Glos.
No marriage details but Hester gave birth to William Godsell on 5 Aug 1770.
Hannah born in 1750 Christened: Jan 1750, Newent, Glos - could have been born in 1749
  John born in 1752 John was christened in Apr 1752 in Newent, Glos.
John married Mary Taylor in Glos in 1773. They had a son William born 1775.
Henry born in 1755 Christened: 30 Apr 1755, Newent, Glos

Additional Notes

He was described as being 24 years of age and a Farrier by trade when he married Hannah Crasswell [who was about 30 years old at the time] in Tewkesbury in July 1747.  It is possible there was another son Thomas who became apprentice Farrier to William Godsell on 6 March 1760. Note a FARRIER  is a blacksmith and as part of his trade made and shod horses.

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