Descendants over the time period 1851 to 1901 version: 3.1

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How it works: The extracted data for all Godsells in the 1851, 1871, 1891 & 1901 censuses' records are checked for the name & date of birth entered. If a match is found the data is searched again for sons. For every son found the data is search a third time for all sons of the sons i.e. possible grandsons of the person. The generated output follows the sequence: person matching details entered i.e. father/grandfather, first possible son found followed by possible sons of his. These are followed by a further son and his sons if found, or the next person matching the details entered and any possible sons & grandsons of his. The colour coding for the 3 generations is given below and is permanently displayed.

User hints
Names are case sensitive - try shortened versions of the name also just the initial letter to be certain.
The output gives all possible combinations of up to 3 generations so you will need to check the census records to be certain of any direct relationship.

Colour code: 1st gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen.

This software has been produced by Carol Johnson nee Godsell and Nigel Godsell as an aid to Godsell descendants. It is not claimed to deliver the final answer, but merely may provide a stepping stone to a possible relationship. If you suspect a connection, at the very least, this will give you a flying start in what actual census records to view. This webpage is best used in conjunction with our Multiple Criteria Search of 1851, 1871, 1891 & 1901 censuses.