Family Homes over the years

61 Blackmores Grove

Home of (Frank) F.D.Godsell until married 11th May 1941.

44 Elmfield Avenue

Home of (Judy) G.D.Godsell nee Planner until married 11th May 1941.

81 Langham Court
Raynes Park

First home of Frank & Judy Godsell from 1944. Carol & Nigel were born whilst living here. Flat 81's bay window is first from right in the next to top row.


6 Lincoln Avenue

Lived here from 1950.

21 Gatfield House
Gatfield Grove

Lived here from 1954.

Gatfield Grove viewed from Water Mill Lane. The Butts Farm Estate site has since been redeveloped. Gatfield House stood on the right and extended the full length of Gatfield Grove.
9 Cambridge House
Cambridge Road

Lived here from 1956.

No.9 is second from right on the top row.
87 Langham Road

Lived here from 1960.


All images courtesy of Google Maps Street View